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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The terror...

Our lil man has just hit 9months, 9 months of pure bliss, smiles love and literally nearly no tears. PURE BLISS. But there is something, something lurking inside me that says all will not be well forever mumma. There are many reasons for this, mainly the fact that lil man is well a lil man, of the male kind. Also the fact that his smile just melts hearts, i know this shouldn't scare me but it does. The terror within me, is waiting for the terror within him to come out. There i said it. I think my sweet innocent little cherub is going to turn into a tantrum throwing, robust, kicking, biting, pinching kind of lil man that i will still want to squeeze the love out of but maybe more often i will be crying in the cupboard hiding! Hopefully he will prove mummy wrong and stay angelic forever but theres one thing for sure, we'll soon find out! MummaBB xx PS boo to this weather that makes me want to eat scones in my first week of my health kick. boo you.

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