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Friday, April 27, 2012

Dim the lights

Who decided love was going to be such bloody hard work? Let's be honest, everyone has there own argument styles, lifestyle patterns and love signals but even the rosiest of us need to put in the effort. Some more than others and others at some times but it never sails smoothly for long.

I think the problem is most of us find it enough work to look after and love ourselves let alone the 2.3kids and the ever demanding hubster. Too much time focused on other things often leads to neglect in lovey dovey areas which leads to a vicious cycle of resentment and neglect and resentment. New careers, new babies, new homes and some old things too are often the main culprits, along with sleepless nights, money worries and pub time for the light of love being dimmed at the switch.

The question is how much hard work is too much??

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