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Thursday, October 24, 2013

It is time...

Reading back on my posts a year on and how time flies when you're not having fun. Because I'm pretty damn sure, working full time is not my idea of fun. At least this realization has hit well before retirement! Anyway back to the point, looking back I was correct. I had an inkling that my little newborn boy was going to be a full on time consuming bundle of kicking, tantrum bundle of joy. And that he is. One minute he has me in tears of laughter and the next tears of frustation. But I am pretty sure written down in history somewhere it explains that, that's just motherhood! So as the year has passed I am not really sure if I have grown up or moved on in the world but I have survived. Survived nappies, tantrums, work colleagues, the angst of quitting a job after ten years, the ups and low low downs of marriage and everything else in between. In between like pre-teen bullies of master ten, major supermarket melt downs of mr 2, twelve hour days of the hubster,the daily grind of breakfast, lunch and dinner for four before and after a 40 hour week, the monster in law, the motherly monster herself and sad deteriorating ageing of grandparents. The list goes on and will hopefully transpire into many funny tales over the coming weeks. This blog is something I often think about and regret neglecting. But regret and guilt are my regular companions as any mumma will know. Play with the boys and have guilt for not cleaning, work and have guilt for not being a mummy, don't work and feel for my colleagues picking up the slack, time with the kids often means daddy neglect. But enough of the negatives, that time is over. I am and always have been a positive person but this year got the better of me, I have been too focused on the guilt and what I'm missing instead of remembering what I have. And so here is my pledge, my new intention. The intention to write, write because I love to write and write yes sometimes to release and b*tch and moan but to focus on the positives and always look for the silver lining. Life is short. Way too short for guilt and regret. Especially when my children are growing before my eyes, some things may need to change so positiveness comes much easier. But this is a journey that starts now. It is time. Every day is a blessing, even if it includes 38 loads of washing, 3 annoying colleagues, one annoying husband and fighting pooing machines knows as kiddies. Sweet Dreams xx

Friday, April 27, 2012

Dim the lights

Who decided love was going to be such bloody hard work? Let's be honest, everyone has there own argument styles, lifestyle patterns and love signals but even the rosiest of us need to put in the effort. Some more than others and others at some times but it never sails smoothly for long.

I think the problem is most of us find it enough work to look after and love ourselves let alone the 2.3kids and the ever demanding hubster. Too much time focused on other things often leads to neglect in lovey dovey areas which leads to a vicious cycle of resentment and neglect and resentment. New careers, new babies, new homes and some old things too are often the main culprits, along with sleepless nights, money worries and pub time for the light of love being dimmed at the switch.

The question is how much hard work is too much??

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The terror...

Our lil man has just hit 9months, 9 months of pure bliss, smiles love and literally nearly no tears. PURE BLISS. But there is something, something lurking inside me that says all will not be well forever mumma. There are many reasons for this, mainly the fact that lil man is well a lil man, of the male kind. Also the fact that his smile just melts hearts, i know this shouldn't scare me but it does. The terror within me, is waiting for the terror within him to come out. There i said it. I think my sweet innocent little cherub is going to turn into a tantrum throwing, robust, kicking, biting, pinching kind of lil man that i will still want to squeeze the love out of but maybe more often i will be crying in the cupboard hiding! Hopefully he will prove mummy wrong and stay angelic forever but theres one thing for sure, we'll soon find out! MummaBB xx PS boo to this weather that makes me want to eat scones in my first week of my health kick. boo you.

Mummy Blah Blah

So… here I am! I’ve been thinking about it for a while, the whole blogging, writing, putting your life into public thing and now some lovelies have got me up & going with a few kind words and a swift kick up the butt I’m not sure how it’s going to start, go or finish but it will include something along the lines of ~ Something for the Desperate Housewife in us all, Recipes, Health & fitness, Kids & Hubby Handling ~ The most Perfect princess products- from must haves to absolute bargains. Reviews, in my quest to find the best of the best when possible, ill layout my recommend websites, movies, music, books, beauty buys and more ~ Insular peninsula gossip (and maybe even some from my lovelies across the miles, if I can get my dirty little hands on it!) Social events not to miss, plus life in general (if it doesn’t get me into trouble!) ~ Dreams… of holidays, slaves and picture perfect bodies!! ~ Everyone loves to get something for nothing, surely we can have some fun and offer a competition or two… I’m researching don’t worry! My very own mumma is first on my hitlist, who doesn’t want some of her gorgeous pearly jewels at the moment! (pics to come) ~ and no doubt a little whingeing and opinionated chat, ok maybe more than a little, sorry no guarantees! Whilst I will be fulfilling my love of writing, my need to be attached to my laptop 24/7 ; the requirement of a few minutes escape from my 2 & a half beautiful boys at nite, hopefully you can get something out of it too… whether it’s a recipe, a bargain or just a giggle mummaBB xx