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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mummy Blah Blah

So… here I am! I’ve been thinking about it for a while, the whole blogging, writing, putting your life into public thing and now some lovelies have got me up & going with a few kind words and a swift kick up the butt I’m not sure how it’s going to start, go or finish but it will include something along the lines of ~ Something for the Desperate Housewife in us all, Recipes, Health & fitness, Kids & Hubby Handling ~ The most Perfect princess products- from must haves to absolute bargains. Reviews, in my quest to find the best of the best when possible, ill layout my recommend websites, movies, music, books, beauty buys and more ~ Insular peninsula gossip (and maybe even some from my lovelies across the miles, if I can get my dirty little hands on it!) Social events not to miss, plus life in general (if it doesn’t get me into trouble!) ~ Dreams… of holidays, slaves and picture perfect bodies!! ~ Everyone loves to get something for nothing, surely we can have some fun and offer a competition or two… I’m researching don’t worry! My very own mumma is first on my hitlist, who doesn’t want some of her gorgeous pearly jewels at the moment! (pics to come) ~ and no doubt a little whingeing and opinionated chat, ok maybe more than a little, sorry no guarantees! Whilst I will be fulfilling my love of writing, my need to be attached to my laptop 24/7 ; the requirement of a few minutes escape from my 2 & a half beautiful boys at nite, hopefully you can get something out of it too… whether it’s a recipe, a bargain or just a giggle mummaBB xx

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